How we work?

Nature-based Living® assumes an human centered consultancy style through a stong and genuine ecological approach.

What characterizes us is tranquility and lightness in processes, ally with rigor in solutions and focus on good results.

Working philosophy

This company provides practical and objective services, adopting an agile, flexible and uncomplicated working method, always trying to optimize time and comply with commitment dates. 

In larger and more complex projects, we like to nourish interactions with stakeholders involved and promote a clear and transparent dialogue among all.

Hands on

Nature-based Living® adopt a proactive stance and we are easily persuaded to leave our comfort zone, or rather, to transform discomfort zones into comfort zones.

The hands on culture is what drives autonomy and encourages creativity and innovation in our projects, originating new ideas and consequently new challenges for our clients.

Client is part of the solution

We look to maximize our clients' engagement in the projects they entrust to us. No matter the origin, private or public driven, a person, a company, a family or a community, we look at the client as part of the working team. 

Interaction, cooperation and creation of a close relationship of trust are essential for the success of the projects and to achieve good results.


About human resources, there is a clear commitment: multidisciplinary teams, partnerships and transparency.

Today's challenges are increasingly complex and demanding. The creation and structuring of working teams with a wide range of skills gives us security and ensures a much more effective response that, undoubtedly, produces better results.

A strong environmental awareness and focus on sustainable solutions are the basic and transversal principles to all who we work with.

Are you passionate about natural world and you wear the glasses of sustainability ?