Nature-based kids

Projects and consulting services to re-naturalize schools, encourage outdoor play and let children breathe.

 What do children have to do with this? Well, we have no choice but to help and prepare future generations to love nature and feel part of it, beyond the benefits for them of being in contact, learn and grow with her.

Areas of activity

Green schools

Renaturalize schools | Bring education outside | Schoolyard transformation | Open spaces to be free, fall, hurt and rise | More challenging and stimulating spaces

Natural playgrounds

Play with nature | More imagination, curiosity and challenges | Natural materials and elements to play with | Local traditions and games | Learn by playing

Grow with nature

More wild, free and respectful children | Educate for the environment and sustainability | Learning with nature | Nature pace growing | Natural world little conquerors

By requesting these services, you are moving towards some of the following sustainable development goals.