Nature-based landscapes

Consultancy and landscape architecture projects to create beautiful and sustainable places, to live and thrive.

Our intervention is marked by a strong ecological approach, implementing as much nature-based solutions as we can and creating win-win situations, for people and nature.

Areas of activity

Green spaces 

More and better private and public gardens | Parks, squares in every corner | Livable streets | Cities, towns and villages for people and nature

Landscape scale

Recover degraded landscapes | Promote ecological corridors and preserve wild landscapes | Restore habitats | Manage natural landscapes

Natural waters

Dive into natural swimming pools | Design and plan river beaches | Sustainable water parks | Ponds, lakes and streams full of life


Beautify farms and rustic properties | Bringing charm to the rural world | Sustainable agribusiness | Take care and preserve cultural and natural heritage 

Outdoor recreation

Improve access to natural monuments and sensitive areas | Better camping and campervan parks | More recreation and forest parks | Improve picnic areas and viewpoints 

Other services related

Make surveys of fauna and flora | Do phytosanitary studies | Visual impact studies | Collect ground and aerial photographs of the world

By requesting these services, you are moving towards some of the following sustainable development goals.